Sustainable Formula

PetCubes' Sustainable Formula is made using Black Soldier Fly Larvae and Fermented Okara as its main source of protein.

Healthy and effective alternative protein sources, like fermented soy and insects, offer a substantial supply of amino acids. Yes, you heard it right—protein from insects! Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the efficiency and safety of insect protein for a wide range of animals, including dogs and cats.

Available for a limited period only.

Please recycle the sleeve and tray

Did You Know?


We share our planet with over 500 million pet dogs and cats.


They consume 20% of the world’s meat and fish!


This adds up to 4% of the world’s greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.


5% of the planet's surface is used to produce food for our pets (roughly the size of Australia!)

Think twice before you say EWW!

Boasting higher protein levels than conventional meats and a smaller environmental footprint, insect protein emerges as a top-tier superfood, contributing to a more sustainable food chain.


3x more protein than beef


2x more iron than spinach

Amino Acid

Contains all essential amino acids

Vitamin B12

10% more Vitamin B12 than salmon

Omega 3

Great Omega 6 : Omega 3 ratio


Fermented fibre that has gut health boosting probiotics

What is Okara?

Okara is normally a wasted by-product of the tofu-making process that contains mostly fibre.

A brilliant local start-up was able to ferment this fibre, transforming it into a heat-stable high-quality protein with gut health-boosting probiotics!

Each cube contains 4 billion live probiotics!


Sustainable Formula


Ground Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Soy Pressed Cake, Bacilli-fermented Okara, Rice Bran, Pumpkin, Kale, Lentils, Broccoli, Bananas, Shiitake Mushrooms, Duck Liver, Ground Pumpkin Seeds, Barramundi Oil, Seaweed, Yeast, Vitamin E & Vitamin D.

Typical Analysis:

As Fed

Crude Protein (Min) 13.0%

Crude Fat (Min) 5.4 %

Crude Fibre (Max) 6.1 %

Soluble Carbohydrates (Max) 8.3 %

Energy per cube (Kcal/80g) 123 Kcal

Dry Matter Basis

Calcium (Min) 0.80%

Phosphorous (Max) 0.70 %

100% Human-Grade Ingredients

Functional Ingredients

No Preservatives

Highly Digestible

About Our Formula

By challenging conventional norms and implementing innovative practices, PetCubes aims to be a beacon for the pet food industry to prioritize environmentally responsible solutions. Through our conscious choice of working with key local partners, we have proven that it is possible to nourish our pets while safeguarding the Earth's fragile ecosystem. Our progressive approach not only contributes to a more sustainable food chain but also reflects PetCubes' core values of environmental stewardship.

Local Ingredients

Did you know that when compared with imported produce, local produce is fresher and more nutritious?

The true cost of food encompasses hidden environmental and social impacts associated with long-distance transportation, storage, and resource usage.

Local produce undertakes shorter journeys to reach your plate, making them far more sustainable than imported produce. Their reduced travel time ensures they stay fresher and maintain their edibility for an extended duration, leading to a significant reduction in wastage.

Locally sourced ingredients include

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Barramundi Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin D

Diverted Excess Food

Did you know that 817,000 tonnes of food waste was generated in 2022 in SG alone?

Utilizing surplus or "ugly" ingredients that would otherwise go to waste helps combat food waste and its environmental impact, including the production, transportation, and disposal of such foods. Whether is left over scraps or perfectly healthy foods that have slightly different shape or colour, there are tons of food waste in SG (literally!). Using perfectly nutritious and safe foods that would otherwise go into the trash can directly help to reduce food waste, including the production, transportation and disposal of such foods.

By embracing ugly foods, we can decrease the overall carbon footprint associated with the food industry.

Ingredients rescued from landfills include

  • Soy Pressed Cake
  • Rice Bran
  • Duck Liver
  • Pumpkin
  • Broccoli
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Banana
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Ground Eggshells
  • Yeast

Alternative Protein Ingredients

Did you know that black soldier fly larvae can be raised on organic waste, such as food scraps and agricultural by-products?

Black soldier fly larvae are highly efficient at converting organic waste into protein. They have a voracious appetite and can quickly consume large quantities of food waste, converting it into valuable protein and fat. This high feed conversion efficiency means that they require fewer resources to produce the same amount of protein compared to traditional livestock.

Raising livestock, such as cattle, requires vast amounts of land, water, and feed, which can put a strain on natural resources and contribute to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.

Alternative proteins include

  • Ground Black Soldier Fly Larvae
  • Bacilli-fermented Okara
  • Lentils

By Focusing on 3 Main Aspects,

we were able to produce a dog food that has

6.4 Times

Less Greenhouse Gas than dog food made with beef

2.1 Times

Less Greenhouse Gas than dog food made with chicken

12 Times

Less Greenhouse Gas than dog food made with beef

Formulated by

Dr Francis Cabana

We are thrilled to introduce our new Sustainable Formula for Dogs, a product that represents our commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible pet nutrition. By using rescued ingredients, incorporating alternative protein sources, and supporting local producers, we aim to pave the way for a greener and more compassionate pet food industry. At PetCubes, we believe that every small step counts towards building a better future for our planet and our pets.

Driving sustainability, one tray at a time.

Our Sustainable Commitments

By reducing one-time-use packaging and using easy-to-recycle materials, PetCubes exemplifies a holistic dedication to fostering a healthier planet for both pets and the environment.


Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Simply wash, dry and toss them into the nearest recycling bin.


Our cooler bags used for your delivery can be reused when shopping for groceries or sent back to PetCubes to be reused for the next delivery.

Our Official Partners

PetCubes' commitment to sustainability is amplified through strategic partnerships with three key allies. By collaborating with like-minded partners, we aim to maximize our positive impact on the environment, animal welfare, and community empowerment.

UglyFood's mission is to eliminate food waste and revamp the food ecosystem while making sustainability a part of people's everyday lives.

Ento Industries uses insects and machines to redefine traditional practices of organic waste management.

A biotechnology company that transforms low-value organic waste into high-value feed and fertilisers for the Pet, Gardening and Agriculture Industries.

Soynergy is launching plant-based ingredients to promote gut health, contributing to zero-waste food manufacturing.

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